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Handicare Barrier Cream

TGA registered Barrier Cream for use in medical and dental environments.


The product contains critical ingredients to provide a physical barrier (film) to protect and soothe the hands during procedures and general activities. The product is also designed to work under plastic, vinylor rubber gloves to provide supporting protection from chemical absorption or reaction with skin in case of any breach of the gloves.

• Aids in protection against contact dermatitis and absorption of harsh, damaging or reactive chemicals

• Formulated for maximum barrier protection and back-up to use of protective gloves

• Fragrance free – no residual fragrance or potential irritancy

• Colouring free – no residual colour, staining or potential irritancy

• Paraben free – does not contain the known class of irritants, paraben preservatives

• Wall bracket mount available

• Formula is completely biodegradable






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