Porcelain Etch

Porcelain Etch is designed to roughen the surface of ceramic dental restorations in order to promote stronger bond strength.

Dentalife’s Porcelain Etch contains 9.6% Hydrofluoric acid in a stable and flowable gel with a viscosity that enables precise placement. When used with Dentalife Silane, Porcelain Etch provides an optimal porcelain-to-resin bond strength; the two products work together to improve the mechanical bond strength between porcelain and adhesive or cement by increasing the surface area of the porcelain.

  • 9.6% Hydrofluoric Acid
  • Ideal viscosity for precise placement
  • Yellow colour allows you to see where the etchant has been placed
  • Use with Dentalife Silane for optimal bond strength


Porcelain Etch can be used to etch fractured dental porcelain, veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays. The product’s yellow colour aids visibility, so you can be confident that the product is located where intended and that there is no product remaining once rinsed. Porcelain Etch will not leave a residue.

Click here to download the Etch brochure and Product Profile sheet for all the technical data and directions for use.

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