PlaqPro Tri-Phase

PlaqPro Clinical is a tri-phase dental plaque disclosing gel used to highlight various phases of plaque build-up.

PlaqPro Clinical is an innovative disclosing gel that identifies old, new and active acid-producing biofilm phases. Pigments in the solution penetrate and stain plaque biofilm in different colours depending on how long the plaque has been present. Older plaque (generally thicker deposits) stains a dark blue colour, whilst new and active biofilm will colour in shades of red to pink. PlaqPro Clinical is an excellent education tool for use both at home and in-surgery, helping patients to understand areas of concern and where improvements in brushing technique are required.

  • Identify new, old and extra-high caries risk plaque
  • Fruity Wildberry flavour
  • Excellent education tool for patients to help improve oral health
  • Easy to apply and wash off

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