Optum Prophy Paste

Optum Prophy Paste is for tooth cleaning and polishing procedures during standard prophylaxis treatment. Available with or without fluoride.

An essential ingredient in the recipe for effective preventative dental care, Optum Prophy Paste has been specifically formulated for mild polishing and cleaning of teeth, gently removing surface stains as well as pellicle and calculus not removed through regular at-home brushing and oral hygiene techniques. Optum Prophy Paste with fluoride provides a supplementary treatment of topical fluoride to the tooth surfaces.

  • Available with or without Fluoride
  • Splatter free formulation
  • Doesn’t dry out, maintains consistency
  • Contains 0.22% (1,000 ppm) Fluoride for topical application (Optum F)


Optum Prophy Paste comes packaged in either single-use, individual patient cups (for improved infection control procedures and to help speed up the change-over between patients) as well as highly economical prophy jars for bulk use. Because one flavour doesn’t suit all tastes, Optum Prophy Pasteis available in a selection of delicious flavours, from mint to fruity tropical.

Click here to download the Dentalife Prophy Paste brochure and Product Profile sheet for all the technical data and directions for use.

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