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Hypochlor 1%

Sodium Hypochlorite for use as an endodontic irrigation solution. An effective solution with great antimicrobial properties.


First purpose designed irrigation solution containing Sodium Hypochlorite for use in endodontic procedures to assist debridement and cleaning of root canals


• First TGA approved sodium hypochlorite solution in Australia (replaced non-approved products)

• Formulated specifically for dental endodontic procedures

• Contains pharmaceutical wetting agent for improved activity

• Formulation is standardised and stable


Refer Australian Dental Journal 2006;51 (3):245-251, “Dissolution of porcine incisor pulp in sodium hypochlorite solutions of varying compositions and concentrations” for supporting information.


Hypocelle 1%

Hypochlor 4%

Chlorhexidine 0.2%

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